Khichri-An, Unsung Hero Among Indian Recipes

Khichri-An, Unsung Hero Among Indian Recipes

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What you see - The really cramped entrance with Lord Ganesha guarding the extended threshold is what you see first of this no-nonsense restaurant, Chutneys. The interiors are kept to the bare minimum with cane chairs and wood look-alike tables. The music they play is also predominantly south Indian or old classis, be it Hindi or Telugu. While you wait for the menu or food, they have a paper tablemat with Calvin & Hobbes cartoons and word jumble to keep you occupied.

Some of the famous suppliers of such products are Nestle India, Gopaljee Dairy Foods, Indian Dairy, Orkay Instant Food and so forth. These companies provide some of the best products of milk such as butter, pure ghee, milk powders, curds and yogurts.

As soon as we eat even small quantities of starchy food, insulin is secreted. It may be very small, but cumulatively it becomes too high, because the cells refuse to allow it entry. So the only way is to reduce starch intake. The doctors who have authored the book, suggest 55 gms. per day. This much we may get from tomato, lady's finger etc. So there is no need to eat starch. Avoid not only rice, but also wheat, corn etc. The eskimoes who live on meat, have none of the life style diseases, which threaten modern men and women, as never before.

After combining the meat mix mixture, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly and dust them with flour. Take about a walnut size of semolina mixture and roll it into a ball then flatten it. Take 1 tsp. size of meat mixture and place it in the center. Fold the semolina over the meat mixture and shape into a meatball. Set aside. Keep repeating this step with the remaining semolina-meat mixture.

Method: Wash the brown rice in running water and soak it for 15-20 hours. Grate the jaggery and keep it aside. Take a heavy bottom vessel and boil 2 cups of water in it. Drain the rice and add it in the boiled water. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. Add 4 cups of milk and let the mixture boil for another 30 minutes. Check for the consistency of rice, click here it should be soft and mushy.

ghee lamps have traditionally been used by Sikhs & Hindus for thousands of years as a spiritual practice. Lighting the light dispels darkness & brings comfort, hope & peace. Lighting a light with cow ghee specifically is said to ensure radiance & heavenly bliss, prosperity, health & happiness.

Complete food: Milk is considered a complete food as it contains necessary vitamins, proteins and calcium. It gives energy and keeps the body healthy and strong.

Kicharee is a medicinal meal and was used traditionally to bring very sick people back to health. You may eat this special dish whenever you are recovering from an illness.

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